5 best books for banking interview (2023)



In today’s competitive job market, preparing for investment banking interviews is crucial. We have compiled a roundup of different resources to help you excel in your interview preparation. From comprehensive guides to practical tips, these resources offer valuable insights and advice for success in the investment banking industry.

Interview Prep Guide


The Investment Banking Interview Questions and Answers Prep Guide is a comprehensive resource designed to assist individuals in preparing for investment banking interviews. Despite some typos and editing issues, the content of the book is highly informative and easily understandable. The author’s writing style is engaging, making it an enjoyable read. This guide offers valuable insights that can be applied not only to investment banking interviews but also to interviews in various other fields. Overall, it is a recommended resource for those looking to excel in investment banking interviews and secure a position in the industry.


  • Realistic approach: The book takes a realistic approach to help readers understand what to expect when pursuing a career in investment banking. It provides valuable insights into the industry and what it takes to succeed.
  • Step-by-step guide: The book offers a step-by-step guide and strategy on how to make investment banking work for you, especially if you are passionate about this field. It provides practical advice and tips for navigating the interview process.
  • Informative and concise: Readers found the book informative and easy to read. It covers a wide range of topics related to investment banking interviews and provides valuable information that can be applied to other types of interviews as well.
  • Typos and errors: Some readers noticed numerous typos and errors throughout the book, which affected their reading experience. They felt that the book could have benefited from professional editing and proofreading.
  • Some generic content: While the book primarily focuses on investment banking interviews, some readers felt that the concepts and tips discussed in the first few chapters were more generic and could be applied to other types of interviews. They were expecting more specific content.
  • Availability of free resources: A few readers mentioned that while the book offers good advice, similar information can be found for free online. They felt that there are other resources, such as Vault’s Career Guide to Investment Banking, that provide more accurate and comprehensive information.



The Technical Interview Guide to Investment Banking falls short in providing the depth and substance required for a successful interview preparation. It takes a basic approach and includes repetitive exercises, making it less suitable for those seeking a comprehensive understanding of the subject matter. Considering the price, there are better alternatives available that offer more value and comprehensive content.


  • Well-thought-out prep guide
  • Great for investment banking interviews
  • Provides exercises for financial statements
  • Basic content
  • Repetitive exercises
  • More ads than valuable information



Acing the Interview by David Jaffee is an essential read for individuals aspiring to land a finance job in investment banking, hedge funds, or private equity. The author’s firsthand experiences and practical advice make this book an invaluable resource. While some reviewers may have criticized its length or perceived lack of depth, I found it to be a concise and insightful guide. It equips readers with the necessary tools to excel in interviews and provides valuable industry knowledge. Overall, I highly recommend this book for anyone seeking a lucrative career in finance.


  • This book provides specific questions and answers that interviewees should provide to increase their chances of getting a finance job.
  • The author, David Jaffee, shares his personal experiences from interviewing at prestigious investment banks, giving readers valuable insights into the interview process.
  • The book offers practical advice and tips for acing finance interviews, making it a comprehensive resource for those seeking lucrative finance jobs.
  • Some readers found the book to be too short and lacking in depth, feeling that it read more like a blog post than a comprehensive guide.
  • The book received mixed reviews, with some readers questioning its credibility based on the low number of reviews and the author’s grammar errors.
  • The information provided in the book may be available for free through networking or online research, making the purchase unnecessary for some readers.



« What’s Your Story? » is a comprehensive guide for success in investment banking interviews. McGowan’s expertise shines through as he covers topics such as resume writing, crafting an elevator pitch, and tackling tricky case questions. The book’s entertaining writing style and insider perspective make it a valuable resource. It offers practical tips and valuable industry knowledge, making it an essential read for aspiring investment bankers. With its comprehensive approach and insightful advice, this book is highly recommended for those aiming to break into the competitive field of investment banking.


  • Excellent book for those interested in jobs in investment banking.
  • Extremely helpful guide for breaking into the investment banking industry.
  • Provides insider advice and real-life experiences from someone who has worked in the industry.
  • Limited focus on investment banking interviews, may not be applicable to other industries.
  • Some readers may find the humor and one-liners distracting.
  • The book may not provide in-depth coverage of all aspects of the investment banking interview process.



The Last Minute Revision Guide for Success at Any Banking Client Service Specialist Job Interviews and Exams provides a comprehensive overview of the banking industry, including formulas, principles, and references necessary for success in the field. However, it is important to note that this guide focuses more on interview preparation and exam revision rather than providing practical guidance for day-to-day teller work. While it offers valuable insights, individuals seeking assistance in improving their performance as banking tellers may find that this guide falls short in that aspect. It is recommended to supplement it with additional resources that specifically address the practical aspects of teller work.


  • The book provides detailed information about banking career objectives, giving you a great insight into the job.
  • It covers a wide range of topics and formulas that are relevant to banking teller supervisors, which can be helpful for success in job interviews and exams.
  • The book is written by Robert J Davis, an experienced author in the banking industry, which adds credibility to the information provided.
  • One reviewer mentioned that the book wasn’t what they were looking for, as it focused more on interviewing rather than practical help for doing teller work.
  • The overall rating of the book is 3.0 out of 5 stars, indicating that it may not have met everyone’s expectations or needs.
  • With only 6 reviews, the sample size is relatively small, making it difficult to gauge the overall reception of the book.

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